Typhoeus Vritra: Spirit War

Typhoeus was described as a winged, with dirty matted hair and beard, pointed ears, and eyes flashing fire.
Typhoeus had two hundred hands each with fifty serpents for fingers and a hundred heads, one in human form with the rest being heads of bulls, boars, serpents, lions and leopards. As a volcano-daimon, Typhoeus hurled red-hot rocks at the sky and storms of fire boiled from his mouth.
After a catastrophic battle with Zeus ,the monstrous immortal storm-giant was defeated and imprisoned by Zeus in the pit of Tartaros .

4.Ectogasmics-Dialectics(Silent Horror Remix)

Mastering By N.O.M. @ NOM Studios
Artwork by Volkan
All music w&p by Jigar Shah @ Silent Horror Studio besides 1 co-produced with Tilak Goswami and 4 w&p by Conxion & OIL – rmxed by Jigar Shah

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