HSS006 : Darkshire & Amigos – Breakdown

Imagine infinite loops combining the universal vibes and crossing the known limits of creative madness, entering the "The Breakdown".
Mario is a respected underground producer from Athens who along with his friends Viktor Terminator, Kolya Furious, Dimitri Dark elf, Stefano Detonator , Andre Bash to just name a few, have been producing psychedelic music and experimenting with sound for many years.
This wild bunch is responsible for a massive project influenced greatly by the spirit of original Goa trance, to modern Hi-tech psychedelic techno trance. A killer gathering of 10 exclusive collaborations enhanced by Furious and Cadans's madness @ Cadans studios.

1.Brain Panik – Insane 146 bpm
2.SchizoShiRe - Oxygen 148bpm
3.DarkShiRe - PuBlic NuisaNce 149bpm
4.Brain Error - BreakDown 149bpm
5.Double Core - 3rd Realm 147bpm
6.DarkShiRe Detonator N Turtle - Il Colpo Grosso 149bpm
7.Septagram - Mort Subite 149bpm
8.DarkShiRe n FuriousFovos n Tromos Part 2 154bpm
9.Kokobloko and Der Kiffenstone - Dont Crash 159bpm

Mastering by Furious and Cadans @ Cadans studio

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