HSS007 : N.O.M - From life to light

What is what we see ? Our limited abilities falsly cut a small part of what we name as "Cosmos"
This small part has such abilities , that can be used as an enormous sized 3D mirror.
Objects outside this mirror are projected into it and we conceive what we sense as reflections of them .Can human escape from this prison ?
Yes , as long as we use our mind .
If a human could mysteriously increase his/her maze,mentality and energy levels up to a certain point , he could actually collapse into another dimension . Like going through a black hole...
When you step to the other side, you are still there. But you are not able to sense you

HSS007 N.O.M :From life to light

Written and Produced by N.O.M@ N.O.M. Studio,Athens.gr

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