ELEP001:Khaos Sektor - Brain Stretch

The labels first release by Khaos Sektor, one of the first members of the HSS
Network, consists of the artist’s latest track, a remix on one of his tracks by
the upcoming Portuguese artist Terratech, and the first ever release of Khaos
Sektor’s Dark Ambient project Tree of Pain- Copycat.


01-Khaos Sektor - Brain Stretch (7:23) - 156bpm
02-Khaos Sektor - Primordial Darkness (Terratech Rmx) (7:41) - 150bpm
03-Tree of Pain- Copycat (5:51) - 110bpm

All tracks written and produced by: Carlos Miguel, aka Khaos Sektor, Portugal.
Remix by: Igor João, aka Terratech,Portugal.
Mastered by: Dimitri Santas aka Dark Elf,Greece.
Cover Artwork by: Ganika, Canada.

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