Helicon Vedas

“I call upon you Al, perceptible Sun and Light itself, tocome to Gaia!
And you El, our Sun, to cast your rays upon the grillingmud.
May it be an abode for the Egos to live in, be and stand onthe vibrating Earth.
Let the night, which is the lowest, not prevail, the fire’ssediment not be buried
inside the boiling mud, and let Psyche develop,
which is the highest, the most important of all “

Hearing this Sonic Veda, at its archaic type, has a very strong vibrationalinfluence to the active listeners, no matter where they are, because above allit’s a mystical shock to the noble seed of their psy-souls.

1.Access Gremlin-Basilisk v900
2.Suspiria-Time is an abyss
3.Fractal Error-Connected links
6.BrainDrop-Serpent child
8.Bloodclot-Wake up!
9.Audio Psykosis vs Bloodclot-Chaos times
10.Audio Psykosis-Harmantes
11.Motorbrain-Inpsyde the brain
Bonus Track : Dark Whisper- Shingyo

This Va was created from the good vibes of Helicon Sound System and Omveda Records

Mastering by Narcosis @ P.R. Studios
Artwork by CartoonHead and Akuryou a.k.a HellHazers

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