HSS003:VA-The forbidden Path

This Sonic mosaic is a mystic Trancepersonal Psychology technique , a sequence of commands that are needed to reach the Forbidden path
The forbidden path alludes to the psychedelic experience we go on , within ourselves as we overcome our ego and explore our true strengths , our weaknesses ,our feelings in an attempt to understand the purpose of being and awaken the power of divine that lives in the deepest level of our consciousness.

1.Fomenth-Demonic virus(150 bpm)
2.Ghreg on Earth-Milk of the umbra(152 bpm)
3.Narcosis-Helicon(148 bpm)
5.Sator Arepo-The bad trip(165 bpm)
8.Full Face-Black cat(148 bpm)

Compiled by DJ CRX
Mastered by Tim Schultd@4CN Studios
Artwork by TEL AVIV Design and Cherie

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