ELEP002: Komfuzius - Fullmoon Pisces

Under the Full Moon, some people gain the power and the skills of a certain animal without alternating their physical bodies while some others have the ability to remorph their shape, physically or astral speaking or both, driven by their obsessions.


01-Komfuzius and Fatal Discord - Full Moon (7:19) - 150bpm
02-Komfuzius - Mountain Of Gods (6:33) - 152bpm
03-Komfuzius - Illusions (7:14) - 154bpm

All tracks written and produced by: Evros Lambrou, aka Komfuzius, Cyprus.
Except track 1 written and produced by: Evros Lambrou aka Komfuzius and 
Masayoshi Suzuki aka Fatal Discord.
Mastered by: Dark Elf @ KGB Studios, Athens, Greece.
Cover Artwork by: Ganika, Canada.

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