HSS012: Lost Reflection - The untrodden forest

The untrodden forests and paths  are unknown and unpredictable human behavior. They also indicate the freethinking of skeptics and dissenters. The Alien grows in a secluded place near a pond, which suggests serenity and peace.  He had suppressed his spiritual impulses, which should have found full expression; now, at last, he begins to walk those unused paths. It is a journey of selfdiscovery. He is now in communion with nature, and his inmost being responds freely. He thus realizes different levels of love and manly attachment.

1. Reveal Traces 135 Bpm
2. Petrified Remains 137 Bpm
4. Mystic Path 146 Bpm
5. Leaf-Covered TraP 150 Bpm

W&P by Jim K. @ Lost Reflection Studios
Artwork by mantzaraise
Mastering by Block 25 Studios
Download Link :