HSS009: Earthdance

The unit corresponds to the spirit, the Aether , energy, power from which is everything.
The duo is the matter , which consists of water and land.
The Trinity is the time as a deity, the past, present and the future.
The quartet is the area, the order of the Cosmos.

1.N.O.M-2 seasons (Pan Psychic rmx) 146 Bpm
5.Audiodidakt - Even odds 146 Bpm
9.Dragon - Perfect engine 146 Bpm
11.Gain Reduction -Shopsky 157 Bpm

Compiled and mastered by N.O.M. @ N.O.M. Studio, Athens.gr
Artwork by CPTHARROW

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"Music is a moral norm. It gives soul to the universe, wings to thought, elevates the imagination, gives joy to sadness and life to everything"

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